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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Lawyers (AAIP) in Vancouver, BC

Alberta Advantages Immigration Program Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

The province of Alberta administers its immigration nomination process through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). Foreign nationals interested in applying for permanent residence in Alberta, the home to Edmonton and Calgary as well as magnificent national parks and vast rural topography, may apply through AAIP. There are a variety of streams for workers and entrepreneurs to bring your skills and talents, and ambition, to benefit yourself, your family, and Canada.

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What Are the Alberta Immigration Streams?

Streams for Workers: Skilled workers have four possible avenues to gain permanent residency in Alberta. Eligibility is very specific. Worker application fees are $500.

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: for skilled workers currently working in an eligible occupation within the province of Alberta
  • Alberta General Express Entry Stream: for applicants in the Express Entry system who have a Comprehensive Ranking System score of at least 300 who are also currently working in an eligible occupation within the province of Alberta
  • Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway: a subsection of the Express Entry Stream for applicants who are enrolled in Express Entry and who are currently working in Alberta’s technology industry or who have received a legitimate job offer from a tech company. This stream has 38 qualifying positions within the tech industry
  • Rural Renewal Stream: for workers with a job offer from an Alberta employer for work in a rural Alberta community

Streams for Entrepreneurs: Foreign nationals with an entrepreneurial plan also have available to them four possible immigration streams. Entrepreneurial applications require a $3,500 fee.

  • Farm Stream: for applicants who have plans to operate a farming business within the province of Alberta
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: for international graduates of a designated post-secondary institution in Alberta, who want to start a business in the province
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: for foreign nationals who graduated from outside Canada who want to start a business in Alberta
  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream: for foreign nationals who want to purchase or start a business in rural Alberta

All streams for workers and entrepreneurs are currently taking applications.

Category Is a job required? Is the stream aligned with Express Entry? Connection to province
Alberta Opportunity Stream Yes No Have work experience in the province
Alberta Express Entry Stream No Yes Have work experience in the province


Have a parent, child, brother or sister who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen living in Alberta

Accelerated Tech Pathway Yes Yes Work full-time in Alberta or having a job offer for full-time

work in Alberta

Rural Renewal Stream Yes No Must intend to and be able to reside and work in the designated community in Alberta
Farm Stream No No Must be planning to establish a new or purchase an existing farm in Alberta.
Graduate Entrepreneur Stream No No Completed education in Alberta and want to establish or operate a business in Alberta.
Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream No No Want to launch start-up enterprises and innovative business in Alberta.
Rural Entrepreneur Stream No No Must have a community support letter from a participating rural Alberta community

Alberta AAIP Categories

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: Candidates complete their application online through the AAIP online portal. Candidates will be asked to submit specific documents to substantiate their application and pay the online application fee.
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream: By invitation only. Candidates who have Express Entry profiles may receive a Notification of Interest from the Alberta government directly in the federal system. Invited candidates then have a limited period to indicate that they are interested in being considered for selection under this stream. If selected, candidates will receive a request from the AAIP to apply for provincial nomination by submitting all required documents through the AAIP online portal.
  • Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway: Candidates can initiate the application process under Express Entry if they are currently working or have a job offer with an Alberta technology industry employer in an eligible tech occupation and meet the requirements under the Alberta Express Entry stream. Candidates may submit an online form via the AAIP website. If they meet the stream criteria, candidates will receive an invitation from the AAIP to apply for provincial nomination by submitting all required documents through the AAIP online portal.
  • Rural Renewal Stream: Candidates must first solicit the support of a participating community in Alberta. Designated communities work to attract and retain foreign nationals, employers make them a job offer, and the community is responsible for ensuring that the candidate meets the stream criteria. A letter of support is then provided to the foreign national. Once the foreign national receives the endorsement they submit their application to the AAIP.
  • Farm Stream: Interested candidates first submit their business plan to the Alberta government and wait to receive a decision. The AAIP bases its decision through consultation with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to ensure that the business plan is feasible and that the project meets the needs of Alberta’s agricultural industry. If a positive decision is received, you then gather the required documents and fill in the required forms for both the Alberta government and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: Interested candidates first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the AAIP online portal. You will receive an EOI score within 30 days and the highest-ranking candidates will be asked to submit a Business Application. That Business Application needs to be completed within 90 days, along with all substantiating documents.
  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: Eligibility is connected to working with a designated agency. This agency will issue you a letter of recommendation if you meet the requirements. You will then submit your letter of recommendation with the Expression of Interest (EOI) through the AAIP Portal. The agency will provide a written report on its assessment of your proposed business plan which will be submitted along with your application.
  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream: Entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in rural Alberta first make contact with a participating community and plan an exploratory visit. After the exploratory visit, the entrepreneur provides a business proposal containing information about the business and the benefits to the community. A supporting letter is then provided to the entrepreneur. Once the foreign national has the support of the community, an Expression of Interest (EOI) may be submitted to the AAIP.

How Can I immigrate to Alberta?

The process begins with choosing the right stream, the one that conforms to your skills and situation, and financial holdings. That determination often requires a sophisticated analysis based on real knowledge about the immigration structure and policies in Alberta.

Once you have decided on a specific stream, you submit your application, pay any fees, some of which are substantial, and obtain the provincial nomination from Alberta. Once you have received the nomination, you can submit your permanent residence application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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If you are seeking permanent residence through Alberta Advantage Immigration Programs, you can trust the knowledge and experience of Canadian Currents Immigration to guide you through the process. Although the application for a provincial nomination in Alberta is readily available online, determining which stream to choose and completing a successful application can be daunting. With the aid of an experienced immigration lawyer at Canadian Currents Immigration, you can apply for Alberta Advantage nomination once we determine your eligibility.

Our immigration lawyers at Canadian Currents Immigration will review your status to determine your eligibility for Alberta Advantage, Alberta Express Entry, and Entrepreneur categories.

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