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Sponsored Parents and Grandparents Immigration Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

Sponsored Parent Grandparent Immigration Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

Each year Canada invites foreign-born citizens and permanent residents to register for a chance to sponsor their parents or grandparents to migrate to Canada. In 2021, Canada opened slots for 30,000 sponsorships. However, to be eligible to be chosen as a potential sponsor, you must register first. The registration period for 2022 has not yet been announced.

A sponsored parent or grandparents, once approved, can receive permanent residence status, and even become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Starting July 4, 2022, parents and grandparents can apply for a Super Visa which permits extended family visits for up to 5 years without having to renew a visa annually. A Super Visa remains valid for up to 10 years. Those family members with Super Visas issued under the previous regulations can apply for an extension of up to 7 years.

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How the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program Works

  • To become eligible to become a sponsor of a parent or grandparent, you must submit an Interest to Sponsor form, made available by the Canadian government. The window during which you can submit an Interest to Sponsor is very short. Please pay attention to announcements of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC).
  • At the close of the Interest to Sponsor period, potential sponsors are randomly selected and invited to sponsor their elder relatives, namely parents or grandparents.
  • Once invited, potential sponsors will be mailed application packages, which contain all of the necessary updated forms. The applications need to be completed and submitted by the announced deadline.

If you live in Quebec, the procedure for sponsoring parents and grandparents is explained here.

Are You Eligible to Sponsor a Parent or Grandparent?

Eligibility to sponsor a parent or a grandparent is guided by these factors:

  • You have been invited to apply to sponsor through the annual Interest to Sponsor process
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You live in Canada
  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • You have enough money to support the relatives you want to sponsor and can fully document those resources
  • You may combine incomes with a spouse or common-law partner to show ability to financially support your parent or grandparent
  • You meet all other requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

This sponsorship brings with it two major conditions: that you will support the family members for 20 years, if necessary, and that you will provide for them even if your circumstances radically change.

This promise to support your relatives lasts for 20 years, if they are unable or become unable to support themselves. In addition, this promise includes an obligation to reimburse the provincial government for any social assistance payments that might be made during this 20-year period. This agreement to support a relative includes funding for food, clothing, utilities, personal requirements, shelter, fuel, household supplies, health care beyond what might be covered by public health insurance.

This 20-year agreement remains in effect even if a marriage ends, there are family disagreements, the sponsor’s unemployment or change in finances, or the death of the primary applicant, if more than one relative was sponsored.

Who Cannot Sponsor a Parent or Grandparent?

As stated above, to be eligible to sponsor, you must have been invited to apply, be more than 18 years old, living in Canada, and be either a citizen, a permanent resident, or a registered Canadian Indian. There are specific disqualifiers to sponsoring a parent or grandparent:

  • Your proof of income doesn’t show enough funds to support your relatives
  • You are in jail, prison, or penitentiary
  • You have not paid back an immigration loan, performance bond, or have failed to pay court-ordered family support, alimony, or child support
  • Defaulted on a previous sponsorship agreement
  • Declared bankruptcy and are not yet discharged
  • Receive social assistance for any reason other than disability
  • Were convicted of a violent criminal offense, any offence against a relative, or any sexual offence in or out of Canada
  • Cannot yourself stay in Canada, because you received a Removal Order

Rejected applications will include an explanation of why.

How Much Income Do I Need to Sponsor My Parents and Grandparents to Immigrate to Canada?

The minimum income required to sponsor parents or grandparents must be maintained for 3 years prior to application. The latest figures for 2022 have not yet been released.

Size of Family Unit MNI 2020 MNI 2019 MNI 2018
2 persons $32,270 $41,007 $40,379
3 persons $39,672 $50,414 $49,641
4 persons $48,167 $61,209 $60,271
5 persons $54,630 $69,423 $68,358
6 persons $61,613 $78,296 $77,095
7 persons $68,598 $87,172 $85,835
Each additional person $6,985 $8,876 $8,740

What is the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents in Canada?

Effective July 4, 2022, parents and grandparents can apply for a Super Visa which will allow for multiple, extended visits with family for up to 5 years without having to renew the Super Visa.

Who Can Apply for the Super Visa?

The parents or grandparents, and their spouses, of Canadian citizens and permanent residents may be eligible to apply for the Super Visa depending on health and security checks, and any special conditions.

What Is the Super Visa Application Process?

The application process begins at the Canadian visa office located in the country of residence of the applying parents or grandparents. All the necessary documents are available there. To begin the application, at a minimum, the applicants must present:

  • A letter from the adult child or grandchild residing in Canada inviting them to visit
  • Documents to substantiate that the grandchild meets the Low Income Cut-Off minimum
  • Proof of parental relationship with the Canadian child or grandchild, i.e., a birth certificate
  • Proof of medical insurance coverage for at least one year with a Canadian insurance company

All Super Visa applicants are required to submit to a medical examination at the direction of the visa office processing the application.

Approval of a Super Visa application depends on the purpose of the visit to Canada, and whether the parents and grandparents will maintain ties to their home country. An analysis of family ties, finances, and remaining connections with the home country will be conducted.

Begin Your Parent or Grandparent Immigration Application Now With Trusted Immigration Counsel

If you are seeking to sponsor your parent or grandparent migrating to Canada, you can trust the knowledge and experience of Canadian Currents Immigration to guide you through the process. Completing the application process and gathering all of the supporting documentation can be daunting. With the aid of an experienced immigration lawyer at Canadian Currents Immigration, you can apply to sponsor your parent or grandparents once we determine your eligibility.

Our immigration lawyers at Canadian Currents Immigration will review your status to determine your eligibility to sponsor a parent or grandparent and to help you through the various steps needed to secure their travel to Canada through a sponsorship or Super Visa program.

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